Teeth whitening has become a popular solution to removing the discolouration, or yellowing, of teeth after years of natural aging, or a combination of either food additives, coffee, tea, tobacco or even alcohol. So why not consider giving your teeth a bright new look with a tooth whitening solution from Shine Family Dental Surgery?

After a consultation with one of our qualified Smile Makeover dentists, we will be able to determine the appropriate solution that will give your teeth the best result.

At Shine Family Dental Surgery we have two options for you to consider.

The best results can be achieved from a professional whitening treatment performed by one of our dentists. This option will typically take about an hour in the dentist chair and existing stains will be lifted right from your teeth, giving you a bright and white smile.

The other teeth whitening option is the take-home DIY kit. There are a variety of DIY whitening kits available, typically dependant on strength and price. Whitening kits will include bleaching trays to fit your teeth and a whitening gel to fill them with results expected in one to two weeks. One of our helpful dentists will be able to guide you to the solution best suited to your teeth.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening, feel free to contact us and speak with a team member to find out more.

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